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Here you’ll find links to the components I’ve used when restoring my vintage machines. If you’re looking for components on Amazon that you’re sure will work on your vintage machines, this is the place!

Hard drives (SSD)

Here are the SSDs I’ve had success in using with vintage machines.

IDE to SATA adapters

Need to hook that fancy SSD up to your IDE machine? Here are adapters that I’ve used successfully.

CF to IDE adapters

Want to hook a CF card up to your vintage machine’s IDE? Here’s what I’ve used.

StarTech CF to IDE adapter in a sweet metal bracket. This guy fits in your 3.5 drive slot.
This adapter is a great way to add a CF card internally to your machine. Works great in my G4 Cube!
This is the adapter I use in all of my IDE laptops. Works great in my PowerBook 1400c!

mSATA SSD to IDE Adapters

A great way to add SSD speed to your IDE laptop is through an mSATA in an IDE enclosure. Here’s what I’ve used.